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Transform your walls into an unique piece of art!

We are an artist hub with a repository of creative ideas to inspire custom space designs.

Our Hong Kong based artists from around the world are excited at the opportunity to visualise your imagination.

Book an artist, and find out how we turn ideas into identity.

Draw on wall. Mural art and artist.pick an artist now.hong kong.

Draw On Wall is one of the largest artist networks in Hong Kong. We host a diverse pool of international creative talents from children’s art to street graffiti, from figurative drawing to abstract painting, each artist celebrates an aesthetics unique to their visual language and their individuality.

We are lovers of Art, we make Art an integral part of everyday life. By promoting affordable Draw On Wall commissioning, we foster an environment that supports and nurtures local creative talents.

At Draw On Wall, we have a team of professional art administrators who are well-experienced in projects of all size and shape, as well as spaces of varied purposes. We make working with us on this creative process as simple as 123.


We love seeing Art everywhere!

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